Michael Ware Research

Phasematching Program

I have continued to develop a computer program for calculating non-collinear phasematching parameters and other useful quantities related to downconversion.  I developed this program while working at NIST, and still periodically receive incquiries, so I've published the program as it stands (as of 2008).  To install the program

  1. Download the following zip file: Phasematch.zip
  2. Extract the contents to a known place (e.g. a folder on the desktop)
  3. Run "setup.exe"
The program can create a large variety of plots for a library of crystals.  Be warned that I have not updated the documentation since working at NIST, so the actual functions of the program sometimes vary a little from the documentation. 

The computational portion of the code is written in Fortran.  The graphical front end is a small Labview application that calls the Fortran library and displays the plots.  The Fortran source code is also included in the zip file.  I continue to develop this code, so if you find bugs let me know.